Introduction (Ozioma) PILA

Kanayochukwu Ifunanya Ntukogu na-aja  Chukwu Olisa mma maka atumatu nhazi oma bu PILA o nyere ya ka onwa nke asaa (Julai) n'afo puku abua na iri na ato.
Otito diri Chi PILA mgbe ebighi ebi... isee!
PILA bu ugegbe Ndiigbo n'uwa dum site na mmeghe Uloakwukwu Igbo na America nke buliri nkuzi asusu, omenala, egwuregwu, ekike, egwu, edemede na ihe oma di iche iche Chukwu jiri choo Ndiigbo mma elu.
Isi okwu anyi bu na PILA achoghi ka Njirimara Ndiigbo bu omenala jikotara Igbo niile onu fupiaanya ka anu nka nka mpi bu "dinosaur"
PILA na-aga n'iru igosiputa olu oma ha n'uwa niile. Biko cherenu aka ghoro ihe oma. PILA choro ime ka amuma Ndi Mba UNESCO gbasara asusu na Omenala Igbo buru amuma na-agaghi ele ele. PILA ekpebiela na oku a gunyere Ndiigbo n'aka agaghi anyunari ha. Ha ga-amunyegide ya weerue nwa nwa toputa o muru.
Uloakwukwo PILA nwere njirimara mara ha;

Moto: Abu m Onye Igbo na-asusu Igbo.
PILA nwere ndi hubigara igbo n'anya oke.
Uloakwukwo anyi nwere nkebi mmuta ato:
🔹Mmuta Nke mbu
🔹Mmuta nke Abua
🔹Mmuta Nke Ato
Anyi na-enye ndi mere nke Oma nzere mmuta ma onye leleecha ule ya.
Anyi na- etube ha ugo mmuta ubochi nnukwu mmemme nke PILA.

Ndi PILA na Uwa
nwebenu  añuli maka n'anyi bu Ndiigbo na-elecha n'igbo(KIN,2013)

English Version

PILA is an Igbo sociocultural, voluntary non profit entity in that promotes the social fabric and culture of Igbos as passed down from our forebearers. The Education Center is aimed at promoting the richness of Igbo language and culture via teaching and instruction, and provides an avenue of rich interaction among all Igbo children and others as well.

The continued existence of any language and culture depends on the ability to transfer them to the next and future generation. Our parents taught us what we seek to teach our children, who will transfer on the torch to their children. Our goal is not just to ensure that Igbo language is there for the future generation but also to ensure that the next generation will embrace the language and immensely rich culture of the Igbo with great pride.

The Mission of PILA is to

• Provide Igbo language and culture instruction to Igbo children and other interested individuals,
• Serve as a socio-cultural support organization to Igbo Community
• Organize Igbo cultural activities, parties and trips for scholars.
• Organize seminars and workshops for scholars.

Activities of PILA

The following activities will be the focus of PILA
• Instructions in Igbo Culture and Languages, including:
o Family
o Marriage
o Births / Deaths, etc
• Instructions in Igbo cooking and table manners
• Home making/Grooming
• Igbo social structure and customs
• Respect and social interactions
• Exposure to career/professional opportunities

Classes and Cultural Training

Lessons are available for FREE upon completion of registration.

  • Registration is now open for all year round academic Sessions.
  • Classes and cultural training activities hold every second Saturday of every month.
  • Venue: 4410 Frankford Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21206.
  • Time5 -8 PM.
  • PILA Voluntary Staff Development Monthly Sessions : 8-9PM

Registration is FREE

Every lover of language, Culture, traditional activities and drama are welcome.

To help meet this purpose:

PILA will:
• Promote lasting friendship, understanding, justice, honesty, and promote cordial and fun relationship among those who sign the contract.
• Will solicit financial support to advance the activities listed above
• PILA is open to Ndi Igbo (all Igbos) and friends who are interested in Igbo language and culture

• Volunteers shall participate and support the meetings and activities of PILA

Build long-term character development that nurtures decent and healthy living
Energize our young adults to make positive business decisions necessary for a successful and joyful life
Establish strong bonds among Igbo young adults – bonds that are borne out of social and economic networking with deep root in Igbo ancestral pedigree and affinity
Encourage national and international Igbo cultural exchange and programs
Champion Igbo language and culture among all Igbo in social and cultural gatherings
The Specific Goals of PILA include:
Teach Igbo language to all – promoting fluency in Igbo reading, writing, and speaking
Promote Igbo culture and heritage particularly among Igbo children
Stimulate active interactions among Igbo children and adult
Engage our scholars in extra-curricular activities that are geared towards college readiness and preparedness
Create one umbrella for all Igbos (Igbo Nke Anyị Ga-enwe Eze…Isee!)
Our language teaching, training and course curricula are structured to help students to not only understand the language but to speak and write it as well. Our lessons are designed to help beginners and advanced learners of Igbo language and culture to understand, speak, read, and write Igbo Language, and to experience Igbo culture. Our courses differ in their levels of complexity, from basic (level A),  intermediate (level B), and tertiary (level C) offers a wonderful opportunity for proficient speakers to remain connected in the language and culture.



You can join PILA whenever you like. It's a voluntary non profit registered association by (KIN, 2013)
PILA operates on free entry/ exit modality.
PILA Contact☎443-768-6712
PILA Founder & CEO; Model Kanayo Ifunanya Ntukogu.

PA: Chief Okenze Nnanyelugo Ntukogu

PA: Chief Okenze Anumogoli Ezeaputa

PA: Iyom PILA Lolo Adaeze Uzoukwu

PA: Iyom PILA Lolo Adaugo Onyekwere

PA: Iyom PILA Lolo Idika

PA: Engr. Ebuka Arinze

PA: Engr. Chinwike Arinze.